Family FreeRide

Family FreeRide is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to getting kids, families, and communities on bikes more often through group rides and advocacy. Beginner friendly group rides are held on Friday afternoons at Phoenix Park from March through October. Other rides around Fair Oaks are organized at Oak Creek BMX, Granite Bay, and Mississippi Bar. Family FreeRide is working with the Fair Oaks Rec and Park District to rebuild the bike park at Phoenix Park, and add other bike friendly trails throughout the district. If you have kids that ride bikes, please join our group and come ride with us!

Fair Oaks Bike Park Fundraiser
Come Ride With Us!

Come Ride With Us!

We ride every Friday at 4:30pm from March till June.

We would usually be riding now but due to Covid-19 our scheduled rides have been postponed. We will hopefully start again in the fall.

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Families Welcome

Riding bikes brings people together. Kids will ride more if they ride with their friends.

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Fair Oaks Bike Park Rebuild 2019

In May of 2019, community members came together and donated their time, effort and money to renovate the Fair Oaks Bike Park.

We added starting mounds, rollers, and provided much needed maintenance.

Fair Oaks Bike Park Rebuild 2019

Check out our Time Lapse Video of Fair Oaks Bike Park Facelift!

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